Get Carmen, Gracie or Baldo on Your Bag

custom Baldo comics bags

custom Baldo comics bags

Check it out. A comics fan is making individual, hand-crafted purses using Sunday comics pages. Here is the link:

Seems Kristi Hekker is a Baldo fan and will probably even take special requests to include a Sunday paper featuring Baldo in your purse or bag. Give her a click.


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  1. Patty Godfrey

    I have seen these handbags up close and personal. Kristy’s attention to detail, design, and to quality is assured in every wallet, bag, etc. She is incredibly talented and creative, and she is committed to recycling and truly to being ‘green’. And she does love the comics!

    These are a steal I have purchased many for gifts for those people who have everything. They went over HUGE. Buy one for you and one for a friend, you will not be sorry.

    Patty Godfrey

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