Todays Baldo Comic Goodness
July 7th, 2010

Todays Baldo Comic Goodness

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  1. D

    your 10/2 guest strip was highly offensive.

  2. Dave Clark

    This proves that a joke is funnier when their is truth involved.

  3. Lorie

    No longer a fan. 10/2 strip offensive and not at all funny.

  4. Mary Ann Watson

    I am deeply offended by today’s “guest” comic strip. I have always enjoyed “Baldo” as an insightful, family strip. But, no more. You have
    turned today’s strip into a mean, hateful political diatribe and presented it
    in the guise of a children’s story! Shame on you on several levels. I will never read “Baldo” again

  5. Margot Villanova

    I have been a reader of the Baldo Comic Strip for a long time and have enjoyed the humor involving his family and friends as Hispanics growing up in America. However, the strip from October 2, 2011 was very upsetting. It was very inappropriate to disrespect our President by saying that he has a screw loose. First of all, that is certainly not the case and secondly, this is supposed to be a comic strip about children, family and culture, not a political forum where untruths are spread. I am no longer a fan of your comic strip.

  6. CCCampbell

    I used to enjoy Baldo until this strip by the “guest artist” was published on 10/2/11. So I guess now Baldo is a forum for policatical satire? I too am offended by it. But even more, I find it very ironic that in celebration of Hispanic Heritage Month you select an artist? that lampoons the President that appointed Sonia Sotomayor, the first justice of Hispanic Heritage to the United States Supreme Court.

  7. Nechy

    To all of you insulted by 10/2 IT\’S CALLED FREEDOM OF SPEECH, FREEDOM OF THE PRESS! Anyone can hv an opinion and don\’t tell me you all hv never said anything about a president or other!
    Anyways, the girl on today\’s comic looks so familiar but I cannot remember her name!!! Help!

  8. El Tepeyac

    The cartoon chick on today’s Baldo is a muy caliente ruca.
    ¡Viva Baldo!

  9. Rich


    I may have missed a week or two of your strips, but where is Baldo’s new girlfriend, Estella Dank?? Haven’t seen her in forever!

    She was the best thing to ever happen to this strip!

    Rich, Boston

    PS, your email on the official site, ‘’ , no longer works!

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