Auto Y Rod, what’s in a name?

We get a lot of email about ‘Auto Y Rod’, the name of the auto parts store where Baldo works. Here’s the latest inquire from one of our readers. Megan writes:

“Why is the store called Auto Y Rod? Did Mr. Rod have a partner named Auto at one point and the “y” is “and”? Is his name Auto Y. Rod? Is it a play on words (Auto Y Rod, Inc = Autoerotic, is the one my husband has suggested)? We cannot figure it out and it drives me nuts. Can you help?!”

Megan, you are not alone. So I figured I’d put it out there and invite your fellow Baldo readers to help you figure it out. And to make it interesting, I say you and your hubby get a little friendly wage going to make it more interesting, say ten bucks to the winner decided by commenters on this post.

So don’t be shy with your opinions. Let Megan know what you think and maybe help her win ten bills.

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  1. Keith

    “Auto Y Rod, Inc.” = “Auto and (Hot or Street) Rod, Incorporated”. A “hot rod” or “street rod” refers to a custom car. A good name for a store that carries aftermarket parts for modifying your car.

  2. mike f

    Aw c’mon, tell us!

    My wife thinks the same thing Keith (above) thinks. But my six years of Spanish classes (decades ago) suggested to me that maybe it’s a multi-lingual pun of some sort that I’m just not getting. Which led me to believe that maybe “Rod” is a Spanish name or nickname I’m unfamiliar with? Pronounced like “road?”

    …I’m probably just thinking too hard again…

    Tell us!

  3. Megan

    Now, I actually know a fair amount about hot rods, and I’ve never heard them called just “rods.” Believe me, that occurred to me, but “Auto y Rod” still seems like a weird name. (And then why would the owner be “Mr. Rod”?) Inquiring minds continue to NOT know. Sigh.

  4. Ceci

    Come on! You guys! It’s obviously a nice play on words (props to the Baldo writers) sounding like Autoerotic and at the same time a great name for an auto part store.
    I love the strip!

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