Crickets, Carlos & Comic Marketing 2.0 On Comics Coast to Coast podcast

Well, Brian over at Comics Coast to Coast called me up and had me on the show again. My being on the show was a last minute decision as the scheduled guest had to pull a no show, but we had a blast as usual and had great fun. We tried to touch on some marketing stuff, and even managed to drag Justin into the land of twitter. If you have no clue what I’m talking about, you need to tune in, these guys are a riot. And the crickets were pretty awesome too.

Listen to the show here.

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  1. Chris Flick

    Hey Carlos, I read Baldo in the Washington Post every week day during lunch. For whatever reason, I kept forgetting to check out the blog URL I saw in between panels of your strip. It’s only after listening to the Comics Coast to Coast podcast that I actually remembered to bookmark it and check it out.

    Anyway, just wanted to mention that. I also added you as a Twitter thanks to the Coast to Coast podcast. Love the line quality and the amount of detail you’ve got going with Baldo. Those are the two things I really want to work on with my strip as well. What size do you work at? Currently, I’m working at 16×5″ myself.


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