EXCLUSIVE: Behind The Scenes Footage – Baldo Invades CNN

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  1. Michael

    Whats the name of that music at the start?

  2. carlos

    Hi Michael, that was just something my son put together in GarageBand.

  3. Blanca Stella

    Hi Carlos…my new twitter friend. congratulations…all that creativity has paid off…good luck in your endeavors…can you do some cartoons for some children’s books I want to do?

  4. carlos

    Hola Blanca, thanks for the props and support. Much appreciated. I’ll email you.

  5. Theresa

    Surprisingly, I was looking Xanthe up on facebook and found a link to your blog. 🙂 I enjoyed reading of your adventure and seeing some footage of my long lost friend. Xanthe’s grandparents and my family were neighbors and every summer I couldn’t wait for Xanthe’s arrival. We went from playing with our cabbage patch dolls to double dating and then she moved to Atlanta. Anyway, nice seeing what she’s up to and you are a great cartoonist. Nice blog, great behind the scenes footage and wonderful cartoons!
    Take care,

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