Happy Anniversary!!

April marks our fourteenth anniversary producing Baldo. It was in April of 2000 that Baldo was launched Universal Press Syndicate (now Universal UClick) to nearly 100 daily and Sunday newspaper clients across the nation, being picked up in every major market.fam_pic

At the time, Baldo was Universals fourth most successful comic launch in it’s 30 year history, coming in behind ‘For Better Or For Worse’ by Lynn Johnston, ‘Calvin And Hobbes’ by Bill Watterson and ‘The Boondock’s by Aaron McGruder. Not a bad bunch to fall behind.


Here’s to another fourteen years of making new friends.

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  1. Vivian McAlexander

    Hiya Baldo peeps! Everyday I look forward to reading Baldo, as well as other family type of comics. That being Zits, Lola, Pickles, and Red & Rover. You all capture the humor, love, struggles, foibles, and even sadness of the typical family of The United States. Dang, Baldo is so much like me as a teenage girl. Instead of a cool Chevy Impala lowrider I was intent on a Lamborghini. Funny how some of us when we were young had this one huge obsession about one single car! Hee! Never the less, I read Pearls Before Swine too because it is so nuts! Now and again Pastis will include characters from other comics in his comic strips. My Mother and I would love to see Jeremy and Baldo interact, as they are the same age yet Jeremy is an artist at being lazy, and Baldo for the most part is driven (almost a pun) to work and save for his dream car. I know how he feels! I hope his dream does come true. Anyway, it would be fun and interesting for Baldo and Jeremy to meet and interact! Please, consider it as it could be fun! As far as cartoons go I love The Ren & Stimpy Show, old Looney Tunes, Beavis & Butthead, King of The Hill, Clarence, and both old and new Thundercats. I’m an artist and cartoonist, but could never get hit by inspiration for comic characters. Comics and cartoons are one of my life’s greatest pleasures. Tia kills me! She is so like my Mom, Grandma Pino, and Great Grandparents Mama & Papa Pino! I could tell so many funny things! I will always think the Spanish we speak in New Mexico has some downright hilarious sounding words! Albondigas (meatballs), Gorgojo (boweavel), Congoja (anxiety), Estropajo (dish rag), and of course Las Nalgas (buttcheeks). Such a beautiful word! Snort! I can’t roll my Rs worth an old dried tortilla, so I amuse my Mom with my Spanish. However, I have a couple of friends from Mexico that floor me with some English words such as Beansez, Chinesez (plurals of Chinese and Beans), then the greatest ever misspronounciation (did I spell that monster right?) of an English word by a Spanish speaker, CONCOOSHION! Concussion. I do not laugh then because they are doing a good job speaking my native tongue. That would be rude. Inside I am chuckling! Anyway, thank God for humor! Especially now with so much hate and violence erupting everywhere. We have a very dangerous enemy in fascist Islamists. Spain was taken over and ruled by Arabs for almost 800 years! ISIS, Al Quaeda, etc. are far from finished with us and the free world. We are living in extremely precarious times. God bless our soldiers who serve to protect our freedom. God bless you for honoring and loving our country during various holidays. It means so much! I will end this tome and have some papas y juevos for breakfast. Have fun! Love you all! Faithfully yours, Vivian “Nalgas Blancas”

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