Hispanic Heritage Month 2011 Guest Artists Celebration

Their Vision, Their Voice, Their Art

Carlos Navarro (10/16)

Carlos Navarro spent the early part of his life in New York and moved to Miami in his teens and has lived there ever since. His painting style has come to be known as “Pop Suave,” fusing Pop Art with traditional Cuban, Miami and other contemporary themes inspired by his heritage and upbringing. He has been commissioned by Perry Ellis International, Bacardi, and Ford Motors and in 2007, he was commissioned by the Super Bowl XLI Host Committee to create a painting and poster for the International Media Reception. NOTE: A few of Navarro’s art pieces contain mild nudity:  www.CarlosANavarro.com.



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For Hispanic Heritage Month, we have once again here at Baldo Central turned creative control of our comic over to fellow artists whose work normally doesn’t appear on the comics pages.


It’s the second time we’ve turned our Sunday comic over to guest artists and, like in 2009, we were thrilled with the results. We’re sure Sunday comic fans will enjoy these artists and take some time to learn more about them and their remarkable work.


It’s a way for us to shine a spotlight on fellow artists who are doing incredible art, and giving them a chance to have their work published in the Sunday funnies.


There’s an exciting element to this because we had no idea what they were going to submit. We left it all up to them.


The results are beautiful, funny and entertaining. We’re confident you’ll enjoy their contributions. Please visit their sites to view more of their work and share your appreciation by contacting them and letting them know.


We  are very grateful and appreciative of every one of our guest artists for their time and talent. Thank you so much : )


The artists completing Sunday comics beginning on Sept. 11, 2011, are:



Baldo comics/Jose Cabrera

Jose Cabrera (9/11)

The Web comic strip “Crying Macho Man” was “born on the mean streets of New York City and has been bringing you the funny since 2004,” says Cabrera, who is originally from Washington Heights , N.Y. Today, he lives in Los Angeles . www.CryingMachoMan.com.





Isis Rodriguez (9/18) 

Rodriguez grew up in Topeka , Kan. After graduating from the University of Kansas with a BFA in painting, she moved to San Francisco to pursue her cartoon-inspired artwork, and has since had numerous exhibits on the West Coast. She currently lives in San Miguel de Allende, Mexico, where she is developing a comic book called “Niñají.” www.IsisRodriguez.com. Follow “Niñají” at www.Facebook.com/Ninajicomic.




Rhode Montijo (9/25)

An accomplished animator and illustrator, Rhode Montijo is a Stockton , Calif. , native who now lives in New York City . He is the creator and illustrator of comic books (Pablo’s Inferno), chapter books (Melvin Beederman Superhero series published by Henry Holt) and children’s books (“The Halloween Kid,” published by Simon & Schuster). His upcoming book features his new Skeletown characters, inspired by the Mexican Day of the Dead holiday. www.RhodeMontijo.com.



Aleloop (10/2)

Aleloop is a “pop surrealist, new brow, low brow, urban contemporary” artist who lives “half time in Miami and half time in Looptropolis.” A native of Buenos Aires , Argentina , she has completed design and animation for Xbox, MTV, VH1, 7UP, Dr Pepper, Nickelodeon, Nicktoons, TNT, Cartoon Network and LOGO. www.Aleloop.com.






Ralph Cabrera (10/9)

Ralph Cabrera

Ralph Cabrera

A native of Pinar Del Rio, Cuba, Ralph Cabrera now lives in Miami. He’s completed work for First Comics, Dark Horse, DC Comics, and Marvel Comics, working on titles such as Spider-Man, Conan, and X-Men. He also does advertising work and has completed assignments for Metlife, McDonalds, Burger King, Disney, and Telemundo. To see more of Ralphs work visit  www.RalphCabrera.com.  Let us know what you think. Visit our Facebook page and leave a comment for us and the artists Baldo on Facebook.





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