Hispanic Heritage Month Results in Gag Reflex

You know, sometimes it really amazes me as to how some people feel this uncontrollable urge to make comments, and take actions that are obviously meant to do nothing more than to tear others down.

Take for instance this recent email from a reader a few days ago. Unknowingly to me, it appears Hispanic Heritage Month is forcibly being shoved down peoples throats. Now I don’t know about you, but I haven’t heard of any such mention in the news. Surely this can’t be good thing.

“I see you’re marking Hispanic Heritage Month. That would be the month
when, by presidential proclamation, your heritage gets shoved down my throat,
while mine gets ignored 24/7/365, despite the fact that more people in the
US report mine, than yours. Forgive me if I’m a little out of sorts at the

Not an “anglo”

Kidding aside, these folks are usually the same people who complain about not having enough time or whatever to pursue their own dreams. For whatever reasons, they prefer to find/create excuses as to why they aren’t accomplishing anything of significance in their own lives.

As you could imagine we get quite a few of these gems waiting for in our inbox every week. But, for the most part we prefer not to focus on them much and focus on the more positive ones. Though every now and then we like to remind ourselves of the knuckleheads.

Just to keep things in perspective. Here’s one that came in while I was writing this post. Thanks Tim.

Carlos and Hector:
I love Baldo. I especially love the idea of letting guest artists in on Hispanic
Heritage Month. Our newspaper is the Houston Chronical which has a terrific comic
strip section. I look for you everyday.

Tim C.

As for our non-anglo amigo… what can I say? You know us Hispanics, any excuse for a fiesta. Btw, you’re going to love the upcoming ‘National Minority Cartoonists Week’ we’re organizing in recognition of all the dumb@#* comments we have to put up with all year long.

Salud! And a round of Coronas for everyone! : )

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  1. Susan Hamilton

    Yeah, you never know how people will respond to your sense of humor-mine included! My whole family uses humor across the board, and there is no end to the dry wit and cynical humor that starts to invade your brain cells even when you sleep. But I say, like you I imagine, that it’s far better to laugh than to be a miserable twit!

  2. Joshua F.

    I was born of a white mother and a Mexican father, and my father was an ambitious young man who learned English much earlier than any of the rest of his family, ending up at a high-paying, successful job. Because of this, I’ve never really known much about Mexican culture – I grew up in suburbia. But this kind of comment confuses me – why would you consider it being “shoved” down your throat? If it really annoys you that much (which I earnestly can understand), can’t you just change the channel to something else for the 3-5 minute segment on the news about it? I don’t think anyone’s really a victim here, and it definitely isn’t a select few narrow-minded losers who feel that culture is a bad thing.

    Pardon my rather lengthy bout there, if it makes me even a fourth as sickened as you, that seems enough to rant a bit, eh?

  3. Jay Delgado

    Well…I *am* an ‘anglo’ and I love BALDO. I especially like the sequence when Baldo was being pressured to fight and go hurt some other guy because of an insult…and Baldo declined.


    I really, really liked that. I became a permanent fan after that. Yeah, it’s true: I’m a ‘Cabacho’, but I love the story of Baldo and his family. Keep up the good work and know that you are loved out here in Orange County, California

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