July 4
July 4th, 2008

July 4

An observant reader writes:

> Why does it look like the American flag Cruz is carrying is upside down?
> Is this on purpose?

What the…? Aahhh crud…! I hate when that happens.

Well, that definitely wasn’t on purpose and certainly wasn’t our intention. And I hadn’t even noticed that until you pointed it out.

Of all the other strips I could’ve screwed up on, why did it have to be this one? What was set to be our tribute to America, freedom, apple pie and our troops, now has a dark cloud looming overhead.

We’ll just have to chalk that one up to having my kids home during summer break scrambling in and out of my studio interrupting me every five seconds while I’m trying to get my work done.

I can just see the angry mob gathering now with torches and pitch forks in hand, ready to deport us.

Thanks a lot for pointing that out, you’ve ruined my fourth of July. I hope your happy.


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  1. Don Perry

    You were most kind to reply to the flag question. Baldo is an American
    of great stature, one to truely be proud of; this is doubley true of Gracy.
    My spanish is limited so I also appreciated your translation of the manager’s comment in the “chinese resturant” strip.
    Mil Gracias

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