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Baldo Cartoonist Draws Blood For Diabetes

Friday, July 3rd, 2009

The current Baldo diabetes story line has been getting quite a bit of positive attention lately, which is of course fantastic and we couldn’t be more pleased. The goal after all is to build awareness of a condition that hits Hispanics disproportionately.

So as you would expect it’s been a hard topic to break away from lately. Add to the mix that my mom has type 2 diabetes and she’s vacationing with us in N.C. during all this… well, we’ve discussed it quite a bit. Anyway, yesterday we got to talking about the things she does to manage her glucose levels, diet, exercise, blood tests… that last one is the scary one for me as I have a serious phobia of needles, the longer the scarier.

Anyway, she asked me to take the blood test, you know the one, the home version where you prick your finger, put a drop of blood on to a little test strip and viola… 5 seconds later you have a reading. The one she uses is the OneTouch Ultra. Now while the needle in this thing is very small, I gotta be honest, it was still freaking me out and I really wasn’t going to do it.

My wife, being the brilliant woman that she is suggests we can video the process and share the results with our readers. So all of a sudden there was a bigger purpose, and I was ok with that. Unfortunately, I had to get the test done twice because my wife hadn’t pressed the record button the first time they drew blood. Yeah, I now…

Anyway, it really wasn’t bad at all, I hardly felt anything. I’d like to thank the National Alliance for Hispanic Health in partnering with us. They’re a fantastic organization with an incredible team of great people. We look forward to working closely with them in the future.

Here’s the video.