Todays Baldo Comic Goodness
July 3rd, 2016

Todays Baldo Comic Goodness

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  1. Mary Haven

    I was greatly offended by this weekend’s comic section cartoon by Baldo. I normally don’t read it, but it was so prominent (using 1/3 of the page). Showing the characters climbing over the American flag (shown as a fence) just to get to a hot dog is not my idea of “funny”.
    Perhaps it would have been funny if the cartoonist had shown them climbing over the Mexican flag to get to an American hot dog. Oh, wait! That would be too offensive.
    Am I racist? You bet! Just like every other person living (and don’t say you aren’t). When it comes to America, too many have died for us, so anyone who disrespects the USA, does not deserve anything from me.

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