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Hector D. Cantu Carlos Castellanos

Hector created his first newspaper cartoon when he was 12. "It was a small-town newspaper that just happened to be owned by my brother, but I think it counts," Hector says. "It's called 'networking.'"

He studied journalism at the University of Texas at Austin and today is Editorial Director at Heritage Auction Galleries, where he's able to personally inspect work by his favorite artists. Yee-uh.

He previously was Production Director at Quick in Dallas, TX, and Managing Editor at award-winning Hispanic Business magazine in Santa Barbara, CA, and his writing has appeared in the Los Angeles Times Magazine and Hollywood Reporter.

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Carlos was always interested in drawing. "I remember my dad always drawing cartoons for me when I was kid," Carlos says. At about age 7, he recalls watching his first episode of "Bewitched." Watching Darrin Stephens sitting behind a large drawing table and working from home, inspired Carlos to do the same.

He began his freelance career as an illustrator in 1981, while still in college. He now keeps himself busy doing work for magazines, book publishers, ad agencies, corporate clients and of course Baldo. To browse through some of his more recent commercial work visit

Carlos lives in South Florida with his wife, Maria; sons Chase, Alec, Ty and family pooch Jet.

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