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Baldo Gracie Papi
Baldo is on an eternal quest to be cool -- and having the best wheels in town. Is he ever gonna make it? He works at Auto y Rod Inc., a car parts store. Little sister with a cause. Yeah, yeah, yeah ... she's smart beyond her years, wants to be a doctor, scientist, president and ruler of the universe. What else is new? Oh yeah ... she's known to yell "Chica Power!" Sergio is the anchor of the family. The owner of a print shop who wants only the best for his (mostly) "perfect" children.
Tia Carmen Mom Cruz

The live-in great aunt (on Sergio's side) who hovers over her sobrino and sobrina with a bag full of Old World ways, common-sense advice and magical remedies. Cuidado! Hmmm. People are always asking about Mom. Sadly, Rosa died in a car wreck when Baldo was 10. That's why Tia Carmen came to live with the family -- to help Sergio raise the kids. Baldo's best friend. If Baldo has second thoughts about building his own lowrider, Cruz is always there, ready to shove him forward.
Baldo by Cantu & Castellanos
Baldo by Cantu & Castellanos
Baldo by Cantu & Castellanos
Gracie's best friend.

Baldo's co-worker at the Auto y Rod Inc. car parts store.

Until recently, Baldo's first real girlfriend. They've broken up. Baldo gave her the "Smiley" nickname, which she no longer uses.
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San Jose Mercury News

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San Jose Mercury News

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